About Melissa Marks, LM, CPM


hi! i’m melissa.

I was born in Providence, Rhode Island and raised in Central Florida. I recently moved back to my home state and currently live in Coventry with my two daughters, Ariana and Eleanora. I love Rhode Island, and am happy to be back!

At age 21, I read my first homebirth story, and the realization of what unhindered birth could mean for families motivated me to begin my journey into birth work—one that started with becoming a doula in 2006 and a childbirth educator in 2007, and eventually led to my graduation from The Florida School of Traditional Midwifery in 2012.

Midwifery truly is my calling. I am here to serve women as they perform their ancient work, guiding wise little souls into new little bodies. 

I, myself, have brought two fresh beings into this world, as well. My two daughters, both born at home (one in Florida, one in Costa Rica!), have been raised alongside my midwifery practice and often attend prenatal and postpartum appointments with me, especially if the family I am caring for has other children for them to play with.


And though motherhood and midwifery take up most of my time, I do pursue other interests, as well, such as child-led homeschooling, traveling and camping, permaculture and gardening, herbalism, writing, fruit-hunting (especially for jackfruit and durian!), singing, and living a natural and frugal lifestyle.

I look forward to meeting you!


Please don't hesitate to contact me today at 904-547-0760 or send me an email at midwifemelissamarks@gmail.com.